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Just had an accident? Let this NJ Auto Body Shop help!

Here are some simple steps to get you back on the road.

1. If your vehicle is obstructing traffic, local police will automatically have it towed by their contracted tower. Make sure to get their name and number. Call Britland Auto Body with this information.

2. The choice of an auto body shop is your decision to make, not that of your insurance company. Britland will contact your insurance provider to verify coverage and quickly process the paperwork.

3. If your vehicle is not subject to automatic towing by the township, call Britland. If accident happens during off hours, call one of our associates below for towing to our auto body shop.

4. Britland will arrange a car rental if needed, or a free pick-up and delivery service. A great auto body shop takes care of your car—and you!

Call Green Brook at 732-752-5522 or Bridgewater at 732-469-3285 to get your claim started!